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Automated Health Coaching

A daily platform to help reinforce patient health habits, exercise routines, and nutrition plans.

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we cover uncharted territory

It's difficult to help patients stick to diet and exercise plans without multiple phone calls, appointments, and resources. For many patients, it is a resource that insurance cannot cover or that clinic visits cannot enforce. SMR was developed by physicians and medical professionals to ensure your patients have the most hands on approach to reaching their health goals.  

what we do

we provide daily patient contact with trained coaches to reinforce health habits, exercise routines, and meal plans. we supplement this with weekly phone calls, form-based check ins, and patient planners. 

who we work with

Currently we work with private clinics, physicians, family medicine practices, urgent care centers, and nursing/retirement homes. We set up pilot programs for centers with pre-existing resources such as hospitals, surgical institutes, medical schools, community health centers.

our goal is to support your goal

Your goal is to keep patients health through a well rounded approach. But most patients need to loose weight, strength train, or eat "better" in order to add to the effects of your treatment plan. Our trained volunteers work with AI interfaces to keep your patients on track every day. We look at your concerns and researched data to develop the right fitness and nutrition plan for them.  We support daily behaviors such as medication adherence, exercise, and intakes/outputs.